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DITA Open Toolkit Docs Process
At this year's DITA Europe conference in Munich, I'll be speaking about how the DITA Open Toolkit project uses DITA features and other open-source tools like Git, Gradle, Jekyll and Travis to build the toolkit documentation included in distribution builds and published on the project website at Read more » – ‘DITA Open Toolkit Docs Process’
API docs in DITA and Markdown
Write The Docs I was recently invited to speak in London at the Write The Docs mini-conference on Documenting APIs hosted by the UK’s Government Digital Service, the team behind the GOV.UK website. Read more » – ‘API docs in DITA and Markdown’
DITA Users Berlin meetup

DITA Users Berlin meetup Join our first meetup on using Markdown in DITA workflows to learn how Markdown can help you to simplify the authoring process and gather input from other contributors who are less familiar with DITA.

Read more » – ‘DITA Users Berlin meetup’
Roundtripping DITA–XLIFF Conversions
At the XLIFF Symposium in Berlin this week, I showed how Bryan Schnabel’s DITA-XLIFF Roundtrip plugins for the DITA Open Toolkit can be used to transform XML source files from the Darwin Information Typing Architecture to a single XLIFF file and back. Read more » – ‘Roundtripping DITA–XLIFF Conversions’
Contributing to the Toolkit via GitHub
Now that the DITA Open Toolkit is hosted on GitHub, it's easier than ever to contribute changes to the DITA-OT source code or the documentation. At DITA-OT Day in Munich, I demonstrated how to fork the docs submodule, create a new branch, change the necessary files and submit a pull request — all from the comfort of your web browser. Read more » – ‘Contributing to the Toolkit via GitHub’
Using Icon Fonts in DITA Projects
This year at DITA Europe in Munich, I presented several options for integrating icon fonts in DITA projects with markup examples and renderer configurations that show how to include icon glyphs in multiple output formats. Read more » – ‘Using Icon Fonts in DITA Projects’
Automating DITA Builds (Seattle Edition)
After presenting at the DITA Europe 2013 conference in Munich last year, I was invited to give the talk at the Content Management Strategies/DITA North America conference in Seattle. I'll be speaking again later today on “Automating DITA Builds — Lightweight Continuous Integration for Documentation Projects”. Read more » – ‘Automating DITA Builds (Seattle Edition)’
Automating DITA Builds
At the DITA Europe 2012 conference in Frankfurt on Main, many participants expressed interest in integrating software development methodologies with DITA authoring. At the 2013 conference in Munich, I’ll be speaking on “Automating DITA Builds — Lightweight Continuous Integration for Documentation Projects” Read more » – ‘Automating DITA Builds’
Talk @ tekom: Social Versioning
This year, the annual tekom spring conference will be held right here in Potsdam from April 14–15. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to attend a conference so close to home, and will be speaking on social versioning and the use of distributed version control systems for collaborative authoring of documentation. Read more » – ‘Talk @ tekom: Social Versioning’
Accessible Documentation
I was recently asked to give a presentation on the relationship between technical documentation and accessibility for an event held at the University of Applied Sciences here in Potsdam. The event was organized by the Institute for Information and Documentation (IID) and supported by the German-Austrian office of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Read more » – ‘Accessible Documentation’