Writing in the Adobe Technical Communication blog, FrameMaker Product Manager Aseem Dokania announced that Adobe is looking for FrameMaker 8 beta testers. If you’re interested in participating in the Prerelease Beta 2 program, sign up here.

At the STC conference in Minneapolis, several Adobe employees reportedly indicated that FrameMaker 8 is scheduled to ship before the end of the year.

A recent Adobe Forums post by Russ Ward of West Street Consulting suggests the following improvements may be in the works for FrameMaker 8:

  • Full Unicode support throughout (dialog boxes, PDF bookmarks, etc.)
  • Built-in change tracking using conditional text-like mechanisms
  • Support for Acrobat 3D and Flash objects that work in PDFs
  • More advanced conditional text mechanisms including boolean AND / OR logic
  • Customizable colors for conditional text indicators
  • Automatic color generation for overlapping conditions (goodbye magenta!)
  • Structure-related tools appear in a new menu
  • New commands for “Save as PDF” and “Save as XML”

Note: The usual Adobe Disclaimer applies: “The features presented during the Technology Sneak peak contain proof of concept features and features in the development pipeline. They are not final for the next release however we want to take this opportunity to show the general direction of where we are taking the products.”