Building Apple Help with OmniOutliner

October 9, 2008

William Van Hecke, Omni Group’s User Experience Lead has released Helpify, a Python script that turns OmniOutliner files into Apple Help books.

VMware Fusion 2.0 and CVSNT

September 18, 2008

VMware released its Mac virtualization product with an extremely annoying incompatibility — it won’t work properly with Windows systems running CVSNT.

Moving (renaming) Files in CVS

September 5, 2008

Once of the main complaints about the CVS version control system is that it’s difficult to move or rename files as your project structure changes.

RenderX XEP Setup in oXygen

August 7, 2008

Recently, a client asked how to set up the RenderX XSL FO processor to transform DITA maps to PDF with oXygen XML Editor on Mac OS X.

Upgrading WordPress via Subversion

August 6, 2008

David Peralty has a nice tutorial on using Subversion to keep WordPress current by checking out the latest code directly from the Automattic repository.

Clever Title Case Perl Script

May 21, 2008

John Gruber has released a script that transforms selected text into title case based on guidelines from the New York Times Manual of Style.

oXygen 9.2 Improves DITA Support

May 11, 2008

oXygen XML Editor 9.2 includes a new XML Author mode and DITA Maps Manager with a streamlined interface for content authoring and common map editing tasks.

SnagIt for Free!

November 27, 2007

TechSmith is offering version 7.2 of their Windows screenshot tool SnagIt for free to attract users to the latest version (8.2).

CSS Redundancy Checker

August 27, 2007

Tom Armitage has built a CSS Redundancy Checker that scans a CSS file for selectors that are not used by any HTML files in a specified directory.


August 24, 2007

A new system-wide Mac OS X service converts Markdown to XHTML (and vice versa) with keyboard shortcuts.