When customizing the output of the Idiom PDF2 plugin for the DITA Open Toolkit to display product-specific headers and footers, or different fonts and logos for different clients, customizations can be stored in separate folders and referenced in the Ant build file using the customization.dir property.

To store customizations for Project A and Project B, copy the contents of your customization folder (typically DITA-OT\demo\fo\Customization) to

  • DITA-OT\demo\fo\Customization-A and
  • DITA-OT\demo\fo\Customization-B,

then add lines like this to your projects’ build scripts:

<param name="customization.dir" value="DITA-OT/demo/fo/Customization-A"/>

(via dita-users № 12788 & № 12810)