DITA-OT: Scaling Images in PDF Output

March 14, 2010

When generating PDF output via DITA Open Toolkit, users often stumble over image scaling issues. You can make images fit by setting dimensions and resolution.

Snow Leopard Services: Set ZIP File Date

November 22, 2009

With Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard, you can create a system service to compress files or folders and set the ZIP file modification date to the date of the contents.

VMware Fusion 2.0 and CVSNT

September 18, 2008

VMware released its Mac virtualization product with an extremely annoying incompatibility — it won’t work properly with Windows systems running CVSNT.

Moving (renaming) Files in CVS

September 5, 2008

Once of the main complaints about the CVS version control system is that it’s difficult to move or rename files as your project structure changes.

RenderX XEP Setup in oXygen

August 7, 2008

Recently, a client asked how to set up the RenderX XSL FO processor to transform DITA maps to PDF with oXygen XML Editor on Mac OS X.

Upgrading WordPress via Subversion

August 6, 2008

David Peralty has a nice tutorial on using Subversion to keep WordPress current by checking out the latest code directly from the Automattic repository.

Spaces in HTML Help Project Paths

March 18, 2008

Like so many other applications, Microsoft’s HTML Help Workshop often chokes on project files whose paths contain spaces.

Sharing DITA-OT in OS X & Boot Camp

January 14, 2008

How to use a single installation of the DITA Open Toolkit on your Windows partition to generate output from either operating system environment.

Automator Workflow: Set ZIP File Date

October 18, 2007

When you compress a file or folder in the Finder via the Create Archive command, a ZIP file is created using the current date as modification date.

Book Tip: Bit Literacy

August 7, 2007

If you’ve ever struggled with the volume of bits that require your attention every day, a recent book by Mark Hurst of Good Experience may help.

WebWorks TopicAlias Marker Changes

July 3, 2007

If you’re using custom markers to embed context information in FrameMaker source files, there are changes in the new WebWorks version you should be aware of.

Error opening CHMs on a network

June 28, 2007

Microsoft security “fix” 896358 prevents display of content in CHM files opened from a network. Workaround: Use UNC file paths in links or move your CHMs.

Tiling Editors in Eclipse

June 14, 2007

While test-driving Aptana recently, I found the absence of a Tile command for editor tabs absolutely vexing!